Dr. Reilly also works in schools and the community, focusing on prevention, school consultation, curriculum and program development, and education.  Dr. Reilly is the author of the book Anxiety and Depression in the Classroom:  A Teacher’s Guide for Fostering Self-Regulation in Young Students. The book is being used by multiple educators across MA.  She is also the editor of Preventing Depression:  A Toolkit for Schools, co-editor of the How Not to Keep a Secret peer leadership curriculum, editor and primary author of the Break Free from Depression school curriculum, and executive producer of Break Free from Depression, a documentary focusing on adolescent depression.   Dr. Reilly has presented in numerous local and national conferences, and continues to promote awareness of child and family mental health needs through her teaching, research, and practice. 

About Us

Nadja N. Reilly, Ph.D.​

Nadja Reilly is a clinical psychologist with over twenty years of clinical experience specializing in children, adolescents, and families. Dr. Reilly received her MS and PhD degrees in clinical psychology from the University of Miami, Florida and completed her clinical internship and post-doctoral fellowship at Boston Children’s Hospital. 

Dr. Reilly's areas of expertise include the treatment of anxiety, depression, pediatric psychology, and supporting new parents. She focuses on a strength based approach to treatment, incorporating the strengths and talents of her clients into her work.  She believes in helping individuals find health and wellness by gaining a strong awareness of themselves and their ability to effect change in their lives. Dr. Reilly incorporates a holistic approach into her work so that clients are able to incorporate all important aspects of themselves and their beliefs into their path to wellness. 

Craig Murphy, Ph.D. 

Craig Murphy is a nationally certified school psychologist. He received his MS and PhD degrees in school psychology from the Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Murphy has spent over twenty years working in public schools. He is currently an Associate Professor of School Psychology at William James College.

Dr. Murphy has a passion for understanding, evaluating, and supporting mental health in children and families. His areas of expertise include conducting comprehensive psycho-educational evaluations, working directly with children and families, and consulting to school districts to overcome emotional and educational barriers to learning.  Dr. Murphy looks forward to passing along the lessons learned from these experiences to families and school districts as one of the managing partners at the Family and Educational Wellness Center.

Dr. Murphy has extensive research and grant-writing experience, which have led to securing over two million dollars in federal funding to evaluate and refine strategies and interventions used to support children with emotional and behavioral disabilities. His research efforts have focused on changing educator and parent perceptions of students with problem behaviors and fragile emotions, and integrating developmental factors into children's mental health treatment.