• Cognitive, Emotional and Behavioral Assessments and Interventions 
  • Threat and Risk Assessments 
  • Understanding and Treating Depression and Anxiety
  • School Programming for Children with Emotional Disabilities
  • Social Emotional Learning 
  • ​Executive Functioning: Assessment and Intervention
  • Navigating Special Education
  • Transition Planning for Higher Education​​
  • Understanding and Resisting Social Influence for Adolescents 
  • ​Social Skills: Assessment and Intervention
The Family and Educational Wellness Center staff has over 40 years of collective experience providing workshops, lectures, and interactive learning opportunities for schools and community organizations.  We specialize in building the capacity of mental health professionals and educators working with students who demonstrate challenging behaviors and/or fragile emotions.   

Workshops & Lectures

Although Dr. Murphy is available to discuss specific professional development opportunities for both schools and other agencies, they are most frequently asked to provide trainings in the following areas:​​